Bulk SMS Service Provider in Patna: Get Quality Bulk SMS Service in Patna at Low Cost

Bulk SMS Service Provider in PatnaWith the rise in competition, it is vital for all size of business organisations to be at the top of their game. Providing high quality and innovative services and products is just not enough. One also has to build strong connection and communication with the customers. Get the top bulk SMS service provider in Patna to help you boost your business to the highest levels.

Many different types of companies use bulk sms services for reasons such as entertainment, mobile marketing, and connectivity with customers, to build a corporate image. Through bulk sms, you as a company can provide timely alerts or reminders to your customers about all your latest offers, discounts, product and services.

Avail an Effective Service on Bulk SMS in Patna

Sending an SMS is a cheerful way to send your message to a large number of recipients at once. Dedicate Media is one of the leading marketing and advertising company in Patna to provide effective bulk sms in Patna at a cheap price. Our mission is to help you achieve your company goals.

Users of bulk SMS package

Many different organisations such as: use the bulk SMS service in Patna:

  • 1. Financial institutions such as banks.
  • 2. Small size companies.
  • 3. Multinational companies.
  • 4. Community groups.
  • 5. Marketing agencies.
  • 6. And any other individual or group who wishes to communicate to a larger group.

Thus, one should remove the myth that the bulk SMS service provider focuses only on few businesses. It caters to the needs of all types of organisations.

Advantages of bulk message service in Patna

Using the bulk SMS in Patna as its marketing tool has helped many organisations in many ways to achieve their goals and objectives. The bulk SMS sender has been benefited in the following ways:

  • Fast connection -
    Within seconds the message you intend to send to a large number of your customers are delivered. And all the customers come to know about the various offers, discounts, new products or services. Thus, it is a quick marketing tool to connect with a large number of people.
  • Opening and reading Rates -
    One of the most significant advantages of the bulk sms company in Patna is that the message is 98% of times opened and read by the users. Thus almost all customers know about the alerts, reminders or advertisement. As compared to e-mail marketing the opening and reading rates of sms is massive.
  • Target the right audience -
    You no more have to worry about which audience is to be targeted, as the bulk SMS marketing is permission-based, that is, the marketing messages will be received by customers with whom you have a relationship or with those customers who had agreed to receive such messages.
  • Low Cost -
    Other marketing tools such as digital marketing, TV commercials, etc. are not much affordable for small and medium enterprises. However, due to the low set up and running cost of bulk SMS service the bulk SMS price is very much accessible by all. Such low cost bulk SMS is one of the greatest reasons that attract clients to use this marketing tool.
  • Company Personalisation -
    The entire business organisation can personalise the promotional messages depending on the geographic area of the customers, customers buying patterns, customer’s behaviour, etc. Also, the SMS providers in Patna do not charge any extra cost for such personalisation.
  • Better marketing campaigns -
    The bulk SMS marketing tool can be easily integrated with other marketing campaigns. Making a single use of social or traditional marketing is not effective. Combining bulk SMS service is a great way to reach a wider audience within the targeted time.
  • Precise -
    The message that a company sends to its customers is accurate and to the point. This marketing tool includes no unwanted messages and thus becomes easy for the receipts to read this short message without wasting their time. Such short, meaningful and to the point message does not irritate the readers.
  • Saves time and money -
    Not only does bulk SMS marketing reduce your cost, but it also saves a lot of time. Due to a decrease in set up and running cost the money is collected. And also because of it, one can connect to a number of customers within seconds it helps to save a lot of time.
  • High ROI -
    The bulk SMS marketing technique requires very less investment due to its low cost. Less investment along with flexibility, personalisation, fast connectivity with customers all this results in a higher Return on Investment. This highly beneficial for small and medium enterprises.

The cheapest bulk sms service provider in Patna not only provide bulk SMS in Patna but also offer the following services to its clients who are as follows:

The promotional SMS provider in Patna understands your business needs and accordingly strive to perfect their business services by promising and achieving excellence for your company through bulk SMS, digital marketing, advertising, etc. They help you to create your own identity on the market, create a brand for your company which is recognised by all.

The bulk SMS service provider in Patna is always connected with all the latest trends which will help your company in a big way. Their collective effort, colossal expertise, integration of different mediums of marketing tools as well as perfect marketing plans successfully help you and your brand to gain immense credibility in the domestic as well as international market.

Many users of bulk SMS are happy and hugely benefited from this marketing technique. A simple, short and precise way to reach customers who read out your messages and such offers, discounts, alerts or reminders gets hammered in their minds, and eventually, the customers end up purchasing your products and services.

Even after reading all the above immense benefits of bulk SMS service what are you thinking? Buy the bulk SMS services at the best and affordable prices from the best bulk SMS service provider in Patna. Help your company to flourish. Be it a small sized firm does not matter. Reach out to thousands or lakhs of customers within seconds and build your brand image.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Bulk SMS

Go through the frequently asked questions we often get from our clients and learn the answers you were probably looking for.Feel free to contact us if you have queries related to bulk SMS.

We provide the latest technology to send SMS to a maximum number of people. It will help you reach to a large number of people all in an instance. Whether you are offering some sort of offers or an added discount on your products – you can market it with ease. You will get added advantages on reaching your prospective customers with only a single effort.

You can type and send an SMS that contains a maximum of 160 characters.

No, there is no minimum character length limit.

No, we don’t add any text to your SMS. We help you advertise the exact matter you want to market. Make sure you don’t cross the 160 characters guideline.

We help you send SMS to a maximum number of people within moments. Your recipients will receive your message in around 5 seconds through our SMS gateway.

You can manage your contacts by adding them one after one or you can do it by updating your contact file.

No, not at all. We don’t have a minimum monthly purchase limit. Purchase credits whenever you need more.

No, we don’t charge for registration. You will need to pay only when you purchase credits.

We offer SMS credits with limited and unlimited validity schemes. You will not be able to send an SMS after you cross your SMS credit or when your validity is expired. Refill your SMS credit ASAP to avail continuous service.

Yes, we offer a completely free demo service so that you will find no confusion in using it.

Yes, we offer SMS templates to help you save your typing time. Try our templates to get along with the quickest SMS delivery service.

Copy your contact details on notepad or text editor in the following format-
First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, E-mail Address.Save your file with the .csv format and click the browse option to upload.

Yes, we do. We provide technical assistance to help you get the best of the bulk SMS services.

A sender id is a number that appears on the recipient’s phone. It is actually the originating number which has 11 characters, first two represents the mobile operator's network. The remaining characters are your brand name which is followed by a hyphen to it. For example, it can be XX-ABCDEFGH.

No. You need to have the recipient’s consent to send messages to them. They should identify the sender. You can provide a functional unsubscribe facility for your target recipients.

No, you should not. Your recipients must know the identity of the sender.

Yes, you can send an SMS to any location. Based on Patna, we have exclusive SMS gateway services to deliver messages all through the PAN India region.

Yes, indeed. Sending an SMS will help you reach to your target audiences. And with the bulk SMS service, you will peek into the window of your prospective customers within a shorter time span. Bulk SMS service is certainly going to be the most important marketing and advertising tool in the recent future.

We all are under TRAI surveillance. Sending SMS in bulk is a legal act. You can promote your brand and business by sending bulk messages.

Yes, we offer a service that is legal only. And bulk SMS service is a legal act in our country. Certainly, our service is TRAI approved.

NDNC (National Do Not Call) is a registration of mobile numbers which should be excluded from telemarketing calls. We provide options to refer NDNC to prevent sending messages to those stipulated mobile numbers.

Transactional bulk SMS service is a template-based messaging solution to promote business and generate leads. Transactional bulk SMS service is widely used as a marketing and advertising solution to businesses.

We use the latest technology to send messages in a large number to help you get connected with a maximum number of people. We are not responsible for any issues caused by a third party.

Yes, indeed. With the development of the latest trends in the mobile industry, people spend more time with their mobile phones. So sending messages to their phones is a wise choice for brand promotion and marketing. It is going to be a useful tool in the recent future.

Yes, TRAI approves bulk SMSs. You just need to maintain some cautions and guidelines for sending messages as a bulk.

Get along with us to know more about bulk SMS services and use the weapon of messages to enrich your marketing experience.

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