Cloud Telephoney

Customer Care No: ( inbound Services )

    Customer Care No. is your personal reception hosted virtually in cloud telephony environment. With Customer Care No. service you get a personal telephone number where your customers can call 24x7. Customers calling to your number are greeted with a message customized specially for you and can select extension set by you to speak with concerned person,

    The service has following advantage:

  • Incoming calls are forwarded to your mobile or landline numbers.
  • If one number is busy, the next programmed number is called.
  • List of all the numbers who called you – So you never lose a business lead!
  • Never Busy, available 24x7.
  • Audio recordings of complete conversation with your customers.
  • Detailed call logs with date, time of call, caller id, duration of call and forwarded number.
  • Pre-Recorded (Welcome Message)
  • SMS Alert ( 5000 SMS free )
  • Web Interface - Download Call Logs
  • Sequential Call Forwarding - Round Robin & Pareel
  • Custom Sound During Forwarding
  • Multi-Level IVR (We can generate your own departments )

Tentacle Services : (out bound Services)

Are you generating enough returns on your tele calling database? Tele calling involves a lot of effort in terms of money, man power, time and effort. Even if a single lead is lost because of a lapse in follow up, it can be very frustrating for any sales manager. Are you still using spreadsheets just because there is no other alternative in sight? Are you not able to generate good ROI on your database?

If so, then you really need to try out Tentacle, our amazing new telecalling software. With Tentacle you can have your own telecaller software which will help you in tracking, ensuring follow-ups and generating reports for all your outbound calling efforts.

What Tentacle can do for you

  • Provide simple workflow tools that will help you eliminate the use of excel sheets.
  • Make uploading, assigning and reassigning of the data simpler than ever before.
  • Allow telecallers as well as managers to easily track customer data with tools like time scheduler, status alerts and remarks.
  • Flexible searching and reporting with time logs of each tele callers.
  • Real time reporting available of each campaign.
  • Daily reports on email of each telecaller.
  • Help managers train telecallers.
  • Change the business strategy as per reports and recording.

Tentacle can help you increase customer relation by better utilization of your existing database. This service starts at Rs. 24,000 /per Annum with 1 Admin & 1 User and doesn't require any hardware or setup cost. At this nominal price, you can increase your customers and enhance your business by tracking each sales campaign and calculating returns.

Missed Call Alert (MCA):-

The Mobile Arts MCA is compatible with all GSM, UMTS and CDMA networks and provides a comprehensive Set of features, such as:

High-throughput, full-featured missed call logging and notification server with excellent scalability. Called party notification of missed calls via SMS Calling party notification of called party becoming reachable via SMS, with end-user defined alert text Integrated SMS interface for end--us --user management of service settings.