Company Profile

ImageAs the name suggests, we are dedicated to the business of building your brand through media planning, marketing solutions and advertising campaigns in the culturally diverse North and East India. Since our inception, we have been the brand architect of more than 500 businesses in different niches.

Initially our journey was unlike a jolly ride into cuckoo land. Thanks to our executives for their creative efforts and clients for their cooperation in making Dedicate Media a reliable brand-building powerhouse! Today we stand at a vantage point to keep a watch on the market, foresee the future of brand building, and create watersheds for businesses.

Parrot fashion is our pet hate. We believe in creation, originality and uniqueness. These are the principles of our holistic approach towards creating marketing and advertising solutions to send the message to the right audience. We look at different aspects of brand image creation and management through a 360-degree prism.

We are a performance-hungry team of professionals including media analysts, marketing strategists, media planners, Mobile Marketing, Digital marketing experts and developers. We enjoy wearing different caps and stepping into different shoes to cater to our clients from different domains including Real Estate ,hospitality, retail, telecom, education, FMCG, healthcare, lifestyle, entertainment, banking & finance.

“Change is a symbol of life,” and “A rolling stone does not gather moss – these two maxims are the axis of our philosophy as a creative agency. We go with the wind in direction, keep pace with time in vision and run like a dark horse in speed so that we can identify the changing face of media, advertising and communication. We aim at doing better than the best with every project, irrespective of size and budget, by brainstorming far-reaching concepts . Finally, what we brag about the most is the success of our clients.

Dedicate Media Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
L1/33 , S.K Puri , Boring Road , Patna , Bihar